Lovejoy 68514436756, 2-1/8" Sc Type Space Coupling Hub With Keyway

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Lovejoy, 68514436756, 2-1/8" SC Type Space Coupling Hub with Keyway, Short Length Features Specifically designed for the pump industry, this coupling accommodates industry standard as well as special pump/motor separation This shaft separation facilitates easy pump repair of pump packing, bearings, and seals without disturbing pump or motor mounting and alignment The SC Type coupling consists of two flanges, a sleeve and two shaft hubs Quick Coupling Removal The center drop out section consists of two flanges and the flexible sleeve The flange is bolted to the shaft hub with four hex head cap screws The center drop out section can be removed by removing the hex head cap screws Flats on each hub provides a convenient grip for a wrench in order to facilitate loosening of the screws and, if desired, turning of the pump/motor shafts Once the hub is removed from the pump shaft, maintenance on the pump can be done without disturbing equipment alignment